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Impact of Petrohawk Condensate Wells on Production


Hawkville is where the big Eagle Ford Shale activity started and Petrohawk is the operator that started it.  They announced Hawkville in the latter part of 2008 giving us more than a years worth of data, enough to begin possbily seeing some trends, gain some insights, etc.

One clear trend in the Petrohawk program is the delineation of a dry gas window and a gas condensate window.  Below is a map of all their Hawkville wells. It is colored by cumulative gas produced and bubbled by maximum monthly liquids.  The maximum monthly liquids gives an idea of where the gas condensate wells are in relation to each other and we can gain insight as to where a gas condensate window may exist.

I split the wells into two types, dry gas and gas condensate based on the produced liquids, and generated a type curve for each.  The early Petrohawk wells were dry gas and have a more lengthy production profile.  Each type curve has produced about a Bcf of gas.  In addition, the condensate type curve shows on that on average a well is expected to produce 35,000 bbls of liquid in the first 16 months of production.

The chart below shows where and how the gas condensate wells have impacted the production, a significant increase at the end of 2009 from 6,097 bbls/month to 35,447 bbls/month as they added more wells in the area. It does appear they more than tripled their well count as well within this period.

This HPDI Vintage(Quarterly) chart is another way to look at the increase in liquids.  It shows the production by quarter and how that quarter’s production affected the overall.

So how is this affecting Petrohawk’s Hawkville field drilling program?  How are they splitting their rigs between the gas and gas condensate windows?  Below is a map showing their 2010 permits to drill.  Included is Swift Energy’s Hawkville permits because Petrohawk is in a JV on their acreage and is going to have a major role in the drilling and completing.  This map is layered with Drillinginfo Landtracs to give an idea of their position in the area.  Note that Petrohawk operates on First Rock leases as well.  Its difficult to see, but the Swift permits are within the black circle.  The majority of the permits so far are located in what appears to be the more liquidy portion of their Hawkville acreage.

Check back and often the Drillinginfo Eagle Ford Unconventional Update.  Also, Drillinginfo Energy Strategy Partners will be releasing The Unconventional Platform Eagle Ford study in May 2010, which will integrate the entire Drillinginfo database from leasing to permits to production and beyond.

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Justin Birmingham

Justin Birmingham is a Research Analyst at Drillinginfo. He creates proprietary research studies, works with statistical models and manages datasets for the DI Analytics team. Justin earned his Bachelor of Science from Texas State University – San Marcos.