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Idaho Drilling Program Yielding Results


The recent announcements by Bridge Resources Corp  and Paramex Resources Ltd. (Calgary) that their Boise Basin, Idaho drilling program was yielding results are worth noting and following. Based on news releases the M.L. Investments (Willow Project) well tested at 4.5 MMCFD with 54 BCPD (61.5 deg) with no water, and the Espino 1-2 and State 1-17 wells (Hamilton Project)  tested at .5 MMCFD and 1.4 MMCFD (respectively) at shallow depths. Both projects’ gas production had BTU values equal to or greater than 1050 BTU. The Willow Project will be followed up with a new seismic program and a development drilling program on the Hamilton Project will continue relying on well data and already acquired seismic data.

All tested wells are producing from relatively shallow sands in Payette County. Given that Idaho has no track record of any commercial oil or gas production, this is pretty exciting stuff! The very essence of wildcattin’…!

The map below renders all wells with show in Idaho. Payette Co is circled in red…

Idaho Shows Map

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