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I Drillinginfo’ed The Woodford


I have been spending alot of time lately on the Eagle Ford, Bakken, Wolfcamp, pretty much the liquids heavy unconventionals.  I wanted to post a blog on the Woodford but I needed a refresher of sorts.  So, I drillinginfo’ed it.  Here are a few of the basics trends and activity maps.  Of course, I have to keep the goods for the DI and DI-Energy Strategy Partners clients.

I filtered out the dry and some of the more gassy wells in an attempt to look at the more liquids-rich regions.


These maps show some interesting emerging areas.  Particularly, Coal County on the Arkoma side, and Carter and Grady counties on the Anadarko side.  If I remember from a previous post, Copano Midstream recently directed some CAPEX to Coal County after they received confirmation that a few operators were drilling some liquids rich wells out there.  Apparently Newfield is one of them, as they have three high liquid yield wells from this search.  The Canadian/Blaine border has a liquids sweet spot as well.

This is a short post, but I think these emerging areas are worth keeping an eye on.  The Woodford, although not as “in” as some of the other unconventionals, has become a hallmark of some companies operations (Devon, Continental, Newfield, Cimarex) and with good reason as they are estimating high Bcfe wells, up to 11+, with very attractive economics.  In fact, I have been to several SPE meetings in which presenters identify the Woodford as a top unconventional with very attractive economics.

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