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HPDI- Version 6 Upgrade


Since the acquisition of HPDI we’ve been working to find the best ways to integrate our different technologies.  After six months of planning and work by our development and IT teams, you may have noticed the first roll-out of the version 6 upgrade of the HPDI application.  Most users did not notice any real changes in the application and did not have any trouble with the upgrade.  The few users that have had an issue were quickly reverted back to the old version while we have continued to work with their IT departments so that there is as little disruption as possible to their daily usage of the system.

Now the question is… Why would you release a required upgrade of the program with the goal that most users noticed almost no difference?  This is the first (and most difficult part) of a several piece upgrade that we intend to roll-out through the rest of the summer and fall.  The upgrade that we just pushed out will be the only required one.  All the others will be optional.

So what did we do?

First, the new version of the program uses the SSL protocol to connect to a new faster and more stable server environment.   While most users did not see much of a difference because of this change, it took the number of clients that used to require firewall changes to get our application to work from about 50% to only about 8%.  This should make future management of the program by your IT departments much simpler and will allow us much greater flexibility as we further expand the program.

Now that this required technical step is out of the way, what’s next that the users care about?

Over the next several months, we are rolling out several new features in the HPDI application and database.  We expect the first release of some of these features to be released in June.  These include greatly enhanced support for running the program on computers using international date/time formatting and the ability to create powerful multivariate scatter plots across a range of data values.

After that, we will be pushing upgrades to almost every piece of the system:


  • Speeding up the One Series Per Well Chart
  • Allowing annotations on the graph
  • Upgraded type curves
  • A complete redesign of the Chart Navigator to allow quicker flipping through of charts at different levels


  • Allow for annotations on the maps
  • Upgrading the bubble and gradient maps to allow for user defined coloring and number of bins
  • Ability for the user to post their own logos on the map for better presentation
  • Complete redesign of the labeling algorithms so that labels do not overdraw


  • The back-end database is being substantially upgraded.  We expect even the most complex nationwide queries to take a few seconds.
  • Greater historical production data will be added in TX,OK, LA, NM and a few others
  • For DI Plus customers, TX allocated data will be available through the HPDI application
  • DI completion data will be available through the Production Details tab of any DI Basic or Plus subscriber

And finally, we are working on a new Analytics tab that will tie the Graphs and Maps together for an integrated view of the analytical and geographic data.

These upgrades should make the HPDI database and application more useful and usable than ever before.  And then you’ll just have to wait to see what we have planned for next year!

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