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Eagle Ford oil production data can be a challenge to analyze because it is reported on the lease level.  Unless you allocate it based on well tests or well count or a combination of the two you will have a challenge producing meaningful IPs and type curves.  Enter pending production.  Long story short,  if a well is not assigned a lease by the RRC, it is reported in a pending file.  This pending file is on a well level.

HPDI Pending Production Shows Encouraging Oil Window ResultsGenerated here some type curves of a few notable oil window operators based on current pending data of wells that came online from 2010 to present.

This data is not normalized much based on location or first production or anything like that but I think it still provides insight.  With an average monthly peak rate of 350+ BOPD, the EOG curve tops this chart.  Some of the EOG wells come online averaging 1000+ BOPD in their peak month.

Here are the wells on a map.

I did this analysis by exporting the data from HPDI into Spotfire but the same can be done using Excel.

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