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HPDI Online Scatter Plot Graph


The HPDI Online scatter plot graph is designed to allow users to view relationships between multiple dimensions simultaneously. At a minimum, one variable may be plotted on the X-axis and another on the Y-axis. The intersection of each X/Y point can be further defined by relative sizing of the point and/or by the color of the point.

The color attribute allows the user to define a color for each discrete value in the scatter plot, or define a color to represent a range of values, grouped into “bins”. There may be at most twenty color bins when coloring by ranges, but if discrete values are used, more values may exist. The application uses a nineteen color pallet plus the option to auto-color (or randomize) the colors used for each discrete point or each bin. The total number of ranges can be customized by the user as can the start and end values for each range.

The size attribute allows the user to define relative sizing to distinguish the occurrence of values within each range, also grouped into “bins”, relative to all other ranges. The point size of each range can be customized by the user as can the total number of ranges. Also, the start and end values of each range can be specified giving the user total control over the sizing attribute.

When combined, sizing and coloring give the user a clear definition of the data being plotted, easily identifying outliers and specific points of interest. Furthermore, the user’s customized sizing and coloring displays in a custom legend on the graph. Just like all other HPDI Online graphs, the graph can be easily copied and pasted onto the Windows Clipboard for easy insertion into presentations or other documents.

All of these options are made available to the user as soon as they select Scatter Plots on the HPDI Online’s Graphs tab. An additional dialog box will appear, allowing the user to customize the features described above.


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