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How to Survive the Drop in Oil Exploration


Seeking out new technology and information sources helps E&P companies ride out challenges like the low price of oil. The industry has so many different resources to choose from that E&P companies need to carefully pursue and act on information. According to Oil and Gas Journal, there will be a 17% drop in global exploration and production spending this year, so there is more pressure to spend wisely. Gather information from different sources to realize how economic unconventional wells are and other competitive intelligence that will help you make better decisions.

JE-DP fig 1 oil exploration
DI Reports display production capacity in different regions and basins


Every month, Drillinginfo releases detailed maps and reports that highlight production capacity and critical E&P activity. One map or report could make all the difference to your future plans, especially if you are new to a region. Do you want to learn everything you can about Eagle Ford and Niobrara? We have reports on those and other plays. If you want to learn about new well production on a national level, we have a report on that, too. Download a free sample report today to see what you’ve been missing.

Results: Reports predict production, which helps you understand the trends in a region. You may decide to stay in or leave a region based on these trends.

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See new wells every month with the DI Index

DI Index

When you have an accurate rig count, you get a complete view of the oil. Improve your prediction skills with DI Index. It’s the industry’s best index because Drillinginfo uses GPS tracking on rigs and updates the index daily with rig count and drilling permits data.

Results: The index keeps track of the top operators in new oil and gas production so you have more insight on the competition’s performance and can predict changes in production.


When you don’t have time to read the entire user manual, how do you educate yourself? Webinars, of course. Webinars deliver critical information on products and features. Even if you are pretty knowledgeable about a subject, you’re bound to learn something new. Participating in a live webinar with a question and answer segment is a great way to get quick answers to your most challenging problems. Keep an eye out for on-demand webinars if you miss the live event.

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Special events are a great source of information


Attending events like DUG Eagle Ford, which Drillinginfo staff will attend, is a great way to meet with experienced operators and learn more about the industry. According to Harvard Business Review, you can overcome shyness by speaking on a panel and being open to chance encounters. Panels increase your visibility while you get to speak about a topic you are passionate about. On the other hand, chance encounters, like waiting in line, are a good way to talk in a casual situation. More conferences are scheduling time to chat, including lunches and happy hours, so take advantage of them.

Results: At special events and conferences, you hear directly from other successful people and you have multiple chances to talk shop with others in the industry.

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