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How to Find Azimuth & Lateral Length in Drillinginfo


Are you part of an E&P group who would like to determine capital expenditure for new drilling programs?

Are you a service company who drills horizontal wells and needs a way to estimate costs and forecast revenue?

Do you work for a financial services company who would like to predict an operator’s total expenditure for horizontal drilling programs in a given play?

If so, you’ll be happy to know Drillinginfo is now digitizing lateral length and azimuth for horizontal wells. To add them to your search results, select the “Surface & Bottom” radio button in the “Location Data” section of the Permit Search Criteria page. The system will automatically calculate the lateral length and azimuth for you.

To see the results, go to Table View. From here, you can export to Excel and several other 3rd party applications.

Lastly, click “Map View” and then “Histogram.” Select “ocompany” from the Histogram Column drop down and “horizontalLength” from the Bubble Column drop down, and click “Submit.” This generates a color coded map of operators bubbled by lateral length.

We hope you find this new tool helpful. If you ever have any questions or need help walking through the workflow, contact Support at (888) 477-7667 ext. 3

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