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How to Explore for Oil and Gas Anywhere in the World


It’s a big, big world that we share.

However, as big as it is, it’s pretty lightly explored compared to the US.

There are approximately 450,000 wells in our international data set, but there are over 4 million wells in the US. Back when we worried about Peak Oil we also worried that US basins were locked into irreversible declines and that old favorites like the Permian Basin were like grandpas watching the kids play touch football at Thanksgiving—out of their prime, over the hill, just not able to keep up.

Times have certainly changed. Grandpa got some testosterone! And the Permian is producing in ways that no one envisioned 10 years ago.

International explorationists have taken the message—that almost unlimited opportunity exists in the world—to heart, and are looking for hydrocarbons in new and old basins with the help of powerful, novel new exploration models.

Whether it’s Chevron continuing its work in the Vaca Muerta of Argentina, or Exxon Mobil expected to commit to unconventional development In the Neuquen Basin, it looks like Vaca Muerta development is following US trends—over time results are steadily improving.

international oil and gas

international oil production

Consider– Ophir Energy expects to spud a deep water wildcat for Turonian sandstone objectives on 5/31/2017 off Cote D’Ivoire [drillship day rate of $155,000 US] day].

west africa oil and gas

Should Ophir be successfully economic, there are relinquished blocks to the east and west that are open, one of which –the NFW Morue 1 CI-516 –was drilled by Anadarko Cote D’Ivoire [ at a day rate of $455,000/day ]and which encountered non-commercial oil shows in Cretaceous fan systems. There are five Harper Basin blocks off SE Liberia that may very well be on trend.

It’s never been easier to identify and track opportunity in the International upstream.

Identifying Potential Partners

All due diligence, whether its fiscal regime research, bid opportunities, planned key wells, or tracking asset transactions can be done in the new DI International platform.

In Argentina producing block Entre Lomas can be easily researched in DI International.
argentina oil and gas

We can now know that the block is operated by Pet Entre Lomas, who have Pluspetrol as a 23% partner with a minority 4% interest held by Pampa. If my analysis or business development plans/possible JVs/trades include a potential alliance with Pluspetrol in South America I can quickly determine the number of acres that they have by country by clicking on Pluspetrol in the pie chart.

oil gas acreage by country

In offshore Cote D’Ivoire companies like Vitol & Nomad are seeking farm-in partners in the area…

Cote D’Ivoire farm ins

Are they actively engaged in transactions in the area?

New Age Exploration bought interests from both Vitol E&P (0il-25%) and EurOil Ltd [parent company-Bowleven] (Gas-10%) in Cameroon. So it would appear that Vitol is actively managing its asset portfolio in the area—selling to New Age in Cameroon and now looking for farm in partners in Cote D’Ivoire. Active sellers in the area include ENI, and Total, whereas Maurel & Prom have been active buyers. If I wanted to determine who the largest holders are by total acreage, I can open a block card for any block in any country—in this case Cameroon– and find the largest acreage holders in the country.

Cameroon oil gas blocks for lease

I can quickly identify companies with large holdings that are apparently satisfied to have no partners (Golden Nest) , or companies that have shown a willingness to take non-operated positions(SNH,Sinopec).

Due Dilligence Flexibility

Map views are filterable by data class, so if you are zoomed into an area you can switch your view from Asset Transactions to Future Bid blocks with a click of a tab.

oil and gas holidings

If it’s necessary for strategic planning to get a sense of future planned wells, the Planned Wells data set clearly defines operator, expected spud date, and location. This information can be used by explorationists trying stay current on potentially significant new reservoir discoveries, oil field services company wanting to supply rig iron or drilling support services, or business development professionals looking to assess how new operations may add volatility to a targeted portfolio of intended acquisition or farm-in opportunities

farm in opportunities oil and gas

Guidance regarding geology, deal structures, bid rounds and other high value information needs can be quickly accessed by clicking the Scout Article Tab and researching the articles that are of interest.

scout articles

Cote D'Ivoire 
 Scout Articles

Ghana Scout Articles

With superfast data rendering, added features/ data, and detailed on-the-fly filtering options, the DI International platform massively streamlines and accelerates the search for opportunities around the world.

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Mark Nibbelink

Mark Nibbelink is co-founder and director of university outreach at Enverus. Before co-founding Enverus (formerly Drillinginfo) in 1999, Mark had a long career as a prospect geologist at Gulf Oil before beginning work as an independent geologist. Mark is responsible for quality control and data integrity. He received his Bachelor of Arts in geology and his master’s in geology and geophysics from Dartmouth College.