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How Oily Is The Granite Wash Really?


When you think domestic, liquids-rich unconventional plays at the moment a few come to mind.  The Bakken, Eagle Ford, Niobrara, Permian Basin and Granite Wash.  If there are two ends to the spectrum, manufacturing model and sweet spot plays, I think the Granite Wash and Permian fall closest to sweet spot plays.  In other words, the production is not heterogeneous, it appears to change wildly from county to county, and the multiple formations only add to this.   Operators have discussed faulting, and pressure and depth variances.

How wet is the Granite Wash compared to say the Eagle Ford?  I took a look at each operator and plotted their individual GORs by rank.  I’ll post this chart because I think it tells a good amount of the Granite Wash story.  It is liquids rich, but nothing like the Eagle Ford.  This chart does not take into account NGLs.

GWgor-300x185Now the Granite Wash does have the edge on pure volume.  Many of these Granite Wash horizontals are coming on up near 15-20+ MMcf/d for their maximum monthly gas production.  So the gas drive mechanism is very much apparent in these wells which could bring good benefit long term.

With the earnings call season about to begin, we should be getting more insights into each operator’s Granite wash program.  We will blog on as many as we can, and combine this information with the vast Drillinginfo database.

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