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Haynesville “Shale” Play–Is There a Sting in the Buzz???


N. LA PermitsWith Cheasapeake’s announcement of its belief that ” the Haynesville Shale play could potentially have a larger impact on the company than any other play in which it has participated to date” the industry has -ahem-taken notice. Petrohawk announced that it had/was acquiring an additional 60,000 acres in the play, including some in and around its Elm Grove field production. Lease hounds have been baying at the petromoon while trying to beg, borrow, toplease, JV into and otherwise acquire a respectable acreage position in the play.

Not being part of Chesapeake’s geoscience team, and not having sat their rigs as they’ve made hole through the Haynesville section good, hard intelligence on this play is pretty sparse. Chesapeakes’ SRLT 29 #2API# 17-017-34257 was completed in the Haynesville with an IP of 2647 MCF/D .Lots of people are thinking that this is a shale play like the Barnett. If it is, then there’s a TON of upper Jurassic shale throughout East Texas all the way over to the Mississippi Interior salt basin that may be good. Boudreaux gets to upgrade the pirogue, Shreveport’s riverboat casinos party hardy with new petro dollars, and the good times roulez.

If, however, however, there is a Terryville sand -type fraction in the Haynesville section that’s the target, then maybe acreage selection has to be a bit more selective and rely on hard data like seismic and good ol’ isopachs and sub -surface mapping.

At measured depths of 14000′ plus these wells ain’t cheap so let’s hope the reservoir supports the buzz…..check out the general permit map for permits last 700 days > 10000′ for an overview of activity

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