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Guest Blogger Ramblin’ Man Visits West Virginia


The Road Goes on Forever and The Party Never Ends

West Virginia – the only state that considers tomato sauce a vegetable and Mountain Dew a fruit.  If you’ve never been to West Virginia you will be amazed at the native population.  In fact, I was so impressed that I google’d the citizenry when I arrived back in Texas.  It turns out that 40% of the state’s elderly population are toothless (the average adult is missing six teeth), 50% of the state is obese, and West Virginia has the highest rate of Chewing Tobacco use in the United States. For more information please see  Furthermore, if people considered the late West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd the “King of Pork”, congressional earmarks are not a problem.  With the exception of the interstate system, West Virginia has some of the worst highways and byways in the US.

All joking aside, I really enjoy West Virginia.  The folks are damn friendly and are willing to help you out at the drop of a hat.  The geography is beautiful.  With large trees, dogwood’s blooming, and plenty of freshwater streams, West Virginia truly is a nature lover’s paradise.  While I never experienced the nightlife, I did notice several bars and watering holes in almost every town, large or small.  All towns had local diners and the requisite fast food joints.  With Casinos scattered around the state, as well as the Greenbriar Resort, West Virginia offers multiple opportunities for entertainment for all styles and tastes.

This being an unconventional reservoir blog, I’ll now discuss West Virginia oil and gas.  West Virginia possesses natural gas reserves, potentially in abundance.   In fact, some estimate the Marcellus Shale to be the 3rd largest natural gas field in the world.  That is good news for West Virginians as the formation appears to run through the better part of the state.  The majority of leasing has been concentrated in the northwest portion of West Virginia which makes sense when you take into account the impressive Marcellus production in SW PA.  SW PA is in an oilier window of the Marcellus, greatly benefiting well economics.

This play should be a fun one to watch develop over the coming months and if you have interests in this area, be sure to contact your Drillinginfo account executive as we are adding new WV leasing data all the time.


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