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Guest Blogger: Ramblin’ Man Likes PA


Q. What’s in between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia?

A. Alabama!      

This saying can actually be attributed to James Carville when asked to describe the political demographics of Pennsylvania.  Karl Rove later revised the answer in a presentation given at the DUG East Conference.  His response – Houston!

In recent times this quote really does describe Pennsylvania.  Over the last 5 years Pennsylvania has seen an explosion in leasing activity.  With the likes of Range, ChevronTexaco, and Chesapeake all vying to establish acreage positions in Marcellus Shale, land work is maintaining a brisk pace throughout the state.

Some examples of counties and their activity are listed below:

Bradford – Chesapeake, Chief, EOG, Southwestern, Talisman – 7150 tracts leased since 1/1/2010

Clearfield – Carrizo, Exco, Williams – Roughly 1600 tracts leased since 1/1/2010

Potter – Chesapeake, Penn Virginia, Seneca, Ultra – 2400 tracts leased since 1/1/2010

Sullivan – Chesapeake, Chief, Williams – Roughly 2650 tracts leased since 1/1/2010

Susquehanna –  Cabot, Chesapeake, Chief, Southwestern, Talisman, Williams – 5000 tracts leased since 1/1/2010

Washington – Antero, Atlas (now ChevronTexaco), Chesapeake, Range – 9450 tracts leased since 1/1/2010

Westmoreland – Atlas, Chesapeake, Range, XTO (now ExxonMobil)  – 3000 tracts leased since 1/1/2010

For some reason, I really like this state.  The eastern portion has seen better days. They don’t call Philadelphia Filthydelphia for nothing.  Scanton sure leaves something to be desired.  However, I do appreciate all of the historical sites from Gettysburg to Bunker Hill.  I like being able to drive past an Amishman on a horse and buggy. 

Perhaps the best kept secret of all is Pittsburgh.  This truly is a beautiful town.  With the confluence of the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio Rivers the natural landscape is incredible.  Despite the traffic and too much rainfall (only .4 inches less than Seattle), the town has a lot to offer.  With plenty of bars, restaurants, and sporting events you can always find something to do.  In fact, I actually get excited when I know I’m going there.  For that reason, I’m glad the Marcellus looks like it’s here to stay.  Nothing like a lease play in a place I like to be.

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