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Grappling with Big Data: Market Data Management in Energy Trading Systems


Energy Risk editors recently sat down with Mike McSpedon, Marketview’s Head of Sales, to discuss the challenge of managing multiple large data sets in energy commodity markets. Here is an excerpt from the interview. Click HERE to read the article in its entirety.

Energy Risk: Are you finding that more of your clients are using analytics across multiple large sets of market data – what some might call ‘big data’ – to increase profitability?

Mike McSpedon: Yes, which makes having a streamlined, consolidated approach to data management even more important. Marketview allows organizations to replace many non-compatible applications and spreadsheets with one front-to-back solution to improve communication between departments. In addition, our flexible integration capabilities allow organizations to feed downstream business intelligence systems, or commodity and energy trading and risk management systems with high-quality fast data. Marketview provides greater control over data as an enterprise asset and allows traders, analysts, IT and risk managers to communicate effectively and base their decisions on the same information.

Energy Risk: How has Drillinginfo approached enterprise data management in a different way from other vendors in the energy and commodity space?

Mike McSpedon: Marketview has redefined market data management by providing a single platform that bridges the front, middle and back office, which ensures that traders, analysts, IT and risk managers speak the same language and base decisions on the same information. This approach helps organizations simplify data access and management, reducing risks and costs. Marketview also provides greater control over data as an enterprise asset by ensuring seamless integration with Excel and business-critical downstream systems.

Instead of many data sources being accessed by many vendor solutions at many integration points, Marketview provides a single golden source of data and a single solution that integrates with all downstream systems. All users across an organization benefit from a common framework and familiar set of tools, providing for better collaboration and more timely and accurate decisions.

Energy Risk: In view of the downturn in energy and commodity markets, what key factors do you attribute to the continued success of the Marketview solution?

Mike McSpedon: Firstly, as organizations attempt to rationalize their operations under difficult market conditions, Marketview’s streamlined approach to market data management helps customers consolidate and replace resource-hungry systems with its minimally invasive software-as-a-service-based (SaaS) technology. Marketview’s delivery of data allows organizations to access, analyse, share and act upon the full range of business-critical information. This is something that is particularly important in current markets.

With many traders, analysts, IT and risk managers using Marketview’s data visualisation and analytical tools, organizations not only achieve a cost saving, but also benefit from reduced risk, better collaboration and better buy-in across all departments.

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Jaenneke Wolf

Jaenneke Wolf is the Director of Marketing at MarketView by Drillinginfo. The largest commodity companies in the world trust MarketView to manage thousands of data sets, both public and proprietary, in support of critical business, risk management, and trading decisions on an enterprise-wide basis.