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Granite Wash Verticals Perform Well Also…


Many of the big-time Granite Wash players are switching to a horizontal program from the vertical program they were employing (Forest, Linn, etc.).  I decided to take a quick look at how these vertical wells are performing. I looked only at Hemphill and Wheeler counties and only at wells coming online since 2009.

Below are two maps.  The first one shows the operators and is bubbled by maximum monthly gas in order to see where the big wells have been coming on. The second map shows the same wells, but colored by maximum monthly gas and bubbled by maximum monthly oil. This way you can see where the more liquids rich wells are in the trend.  Both maps show impressive results in the SW corner of Wheeler County. NGL volumes are not included here since they are not reported at the wellhead.

Here is the type curve easily generated from the HPDI production tools available to all DI Plus users. The current liquid cum is 6,515 bbls and the current gas cum is 287,719 Mcf.  The vertical wells clean up at around 1,214 Mcf/d initially.

Finally, I thought it would be helpful to show the vertical type curve vs. the horizontal type curve to get an idea of scale.  Production looks to be at about a 4X greater volume for the horizontals over the verticals.  Again, this is without NGL volumes. This graph is on a 6:1 equivalency basis for the liquids to gas.

Check the Granite Wash DNA Unconventional Update for all things Granite Wash and for more in depth analysis.

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