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Find The Oil and Gas Answers You Need: Become a Drillinginfo Know It All


One simple act can make a big difference in how productively you work. That act? Reading the manual or online help content for a product.

If you don’t think you have time to read up on a product or get training, think again. Without a good base of knowledge, you may become less productive when a minor issue comes up because you have to stop and ask for help or try things that don’t work.

Although reading manuals and attending training is a time commitment, taking this quiz will pinpoint which of the new and improved Drillinginfo features you need to study. That way, you can focus on consulting specific resources, like reading one section of an online guide, and still know enough to be productive. Ready to test your knowledge and learn how to make the most of Drillinginfo products? Read on.
Which feature saves your workflow for later reference?

  1. Subsurfr
  2. Production Workspace
  3. DI Desktop

Answer: B. Production Workspace. This new feature saves your workflows for later use. It also improves efficiency by delivering all your data onscreen at once, which accelerates the process of analyzing information and making decisions. Production Workspace is a beta project that will continue to evolve so that it continues to be the most effective workflow tool on the market.

JE Quiz fig 1 oil and gas answers
Activity Maps show pipelines and rig activity

Heat maps only display permit activity from the last 30 days.

  1. True
  2. False

Answer: B. False. Heat maps show permit activity from the last 30, 90, and 180 days. Areas with a high density of permits are red, areas of medium density are yellow, and low density areas are green. Drillinginfo updates this weekly.

Which area’s pipelines are covered in DI Activity Maps?

  1. North America and South America
  2. North America and Western Europe
  3. United States

Answer: C. United States. DI Activity Maps displays pipeline layers for the most active United States. Since many different factors affect pipelines, monitoring them is a good way to anticipate activity that could affect you. DI Activity Maps also contains US rig activity and hundreds of map layers so you have a detailed view of an area.

What’s the best way to see a 3D visualization of the subsurface?

  1. DI Activity Maps
  2. DI Classic
  3. Subsurfr

Answer: C. Subsurfr. Subsurfr displays detailed subsurface information through a simple web interface, not through complicated G&G workstations. Work faster by accessing 3D visualization technology on your computer anytime and anywhere. The well, production, and survey data delivers an accurate view of potential drilling locations.

JE Quiz fig 2 oil and gas answers
Drillinginfo updates Subsurfr daily

True or False: You can’t see related well data in Subsurfr.

  1. True
  2. False

Answer: B. False. When you search for wells, you have access to related filings, including raster log files, surveys, and production data.

What is the primary data source in Production Workspace?

  1. DI Desktop database
  2. DI Transform
  3. Geodatabase

Answer A. DI Desktop database. DI Desktop is primary source for information, but related filings are also included. Just click the API number to see related filings.

Once you save a workspace, you can’t edit it.

  1. True
  2. False

Answer: B. False. In Production Workspace, you can rename or edit workspaces after saving them. This is especially handy when you collaborate with different people or are still trying to figure out the best workflow.

Additional Resources

As you can see, it is easy to miss out on all the tools that make your work less tedious and time consuming. Whether you need to find permits or want to examine the subsurface of your area of interest, we encourage you to learn more by browsing the online guides and attending training sessions. You will become a super user in no time.

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