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Escondido Resources II Sets New Record


The Spohn Ranch 1H well located in the Hawkville Field is the highest producing natural gas well in the Eagle Ford to date. The 6,975 foot lateral, 25 frac stage well had an IP of over 16 MMcf/d and produced about 400 MMcf of dry gas in its first 30 days.  The well came on first production this July and the company plans to further develop the Hawkville area.  Escondido has roughly 60,000 net acres in the shallow, liquids-rich Escondido and Olmos formations, but owns the rights to drill the deeper Eagle Ford Shale on more than half of their acreage.  The company’s current production capacity exceeds 75 MMcfe/d from the Wilcox, Olmos, Escondido and Eagle Ford formations.


The majority of Escondido’s acreage prospective to the Eagle Ford Shale is in the dry gas window, but that’s not exactly a big deal.  They were producing from their south Texas acreage before the Eagle Ford even took off.  In other words, they were “country when country wasn’t cool.”  Keeping in check with the company strategy to grow through low-risk development and exploit higher-risk opportunities on existing properties, their south Texas position is just the place.  The Spohn Ranch well is a testament to that strategy.  Below is map created in Drillinginfo showing Escondido’s producing wells penetrating various formations in Webb, La Salle, and McMullen counties.

According to Escondido CEO Bill Deupree, the company plans to expand and move eastward into the oiler portions of the Olmos and Escondido formations in La Salle and McMullen counties.  I am a curious as to what other operators are targeting these formations as well.  Here’s another snapshot taken from Drillinginfo showing approved horizontal and directional permits within the past year.

Stay abreast with other E&P activity in the Eagle Ford Shale region by visiting the Eagle Ford folder in Drillinginfo’s DNA section.

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