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Early Utica Reports- Anadarko, Chesapeake


Chesapeake (red well spots) has released production data on 9 wells to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, and local print media indicate that Anadarko (aqua well spots) has done likewise. OHIO DNR characterizes the reported volumes of Chesapeake production as “lower than estimated, but higher than conventional wells”. They also caution that due to infrastructure bottlenecks “production is likely choked back…” and further amplifies their caution by stating “….it is very unlikely that the wells are being produced at anything near full capacity…” The Chesapeake wells that have been reported on have no breakout in the DNR spreadsheet as to how much condensate/NGLs these wells are producing.A quick spot check of production would indicate that the Kenneth Buell 8H is the best performer with 13,472 BO and 1.5 BCFG ( 198 days) in Harrison County. Anadarko is quoted as achieving production of 9500 BO and 12 MMCF (with NGLs)in Noble county (Brookefield A-3H)and 20,000 BO of “light gravity crude” and 37 MMCF of wet gas in just under two months from the Spencer lease in Guernsey county. In neither set of released data is the production broken out in monthly volumes so any decline behavior is impossible to estimate at this point. So the story appears to be that commercial production is being achieved, that early prediction of the wet gas, high liquids fairway may be correct,but there’s not near enough public data to make guesses as to how the Utica will turn out.Stay tuned…..To see detail on a well, hover your cursor over the dot. Try the Free Trial to create your own maps and to click down for more details, such as play information, related filings, production data, and evaluation tools.

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