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Early Production Results–Early Conjecture

Some early production results from the LA Haynesville are beginning to deliver some information regarding deliverability and variability of this reservoir. The graph below shows that there appear to be two trends to the production—one good, one not so good. Take a look at the map:
Looks like there’s a central trend of wells with Prac IPs in the 5000MCFD to 10000MCFD range which trend ENE -WSW, surrounded by wells with much more modest Prac IPs and production. Given that the good wells seem to have some common characteristics—generally similar decline curves, prac IPs=maximum month production (they clean up fast)—you could be forgiven that thinking that so far, there are two major classes of reservoir–relatively good perm, decent porosity reservoir in the ENE-WSW trend, and the rest, with marginal reservoir properties. If in fact what’s beeing drilled and completed in the good wells are “lenses” of relatively good reservoir rock, what we may be looking at are clastic rich pods embedded in a shaley, high TOC environment.
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