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Eagleford = False Buda??


We’ve heard from several knowledgeable commentators who claim that the reservoir being completed so successfully in the Dist 1 Eagleford play may in fact be the False Buda, which is a limestone bench beneath the Eagleford and which marks a downhole sequence change into a more open platform environment. map5-17-10

This MIGHT be broadly analagous to the middle oil member of the Bakken, or even to the upper bench of the Niobrara getting so much attention in NE Colorado. Use our logs to start building cross sections to get some lithology reality checks when following this play!! By the way, the name Buda has interesting origins. The town of Buda south of Austin used to be a stagecoach stopover and it was run by a husband- wife team. When the husband died, the wife became, well, a widow. Widow in Spanish is viuda, and with a Castillian change of v to b, viuda became biuda, which became Buda. Now you know.

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