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Drillinginfo’s New Map User Interface Released


One of the most useful parts of Drillinginfo is the ability to visualize wells, permits, logs, and leases on our map. It gives you the ability to see where wells are relative to one another and which operators work in certain areas. While we’ve always had the maps as a part of Drillinginfo, we have heard suggestions in a few major areas – specifically, map size, panning, and the ability to select a group of wells. With input from our users, our development team lead by David Anderson and Jill Noack has released a new alternative version of the New Map User Interface (UI). While the team continues to work on adding more standard features to our new map, you can use it to speed up certain aspects of your workflow, and to provide us with further feedback and input.

What has changed?

  • Size: In mapping, size does matter. The new map now covers roughly ¾ of the screen, so you can see a bigger area, with equal resolution. With our enhanced 1350 X 1000 mapping resolution means you don’t have to sacrifice sharpness for size.

    New Larger Map Area (click to enlarge)

  • Panning: Akin to Google Maps, Drillinginfo’s new Map UI offers the ability to pan in any direction. From 1000 feet, to 1000 miles, seeing areas outside of your current view is now much simpler. By eliminating the map arrows, getting to specific points is faster and a less cumbersome process.
  • Group Selection: One of the most helpful features of the New Map UI, is the fact that you can select a specified group of wells by using the lasso feature. The lasso allows you to click multiple points on the map, while creating a shapefile based on your points. From here, you can export certain well spots, or display the histogram to color code your grouped wells. Before, you only had the option to select all available map points, or click on one at a time. The lasso feature makes your workflow more efficient by increasing your speed and productivity.

    New Lasso Feature (click to enlarge)

Drillinginfo will continue to add standard features to the new interface over the coming months. Additional features to look for include: Get Offset Wells, Show My AOI – Define an Area, Marketplace Items, Accumulated Latitude/Longitude, Tag an Element, Add a DNA Well, Pull up DI New Production Decline Chart from Well Spot.

If the thought of having to learn new icons and functions terrifies you, then have no fear, you can sleep sound knowing the New Map UI is optional. In order to access it, click on “MyDI” at the top of the screen, select “Update User Preferences”, switch the Preferred Map View Application” to “New Map View App(beta)”, and hit “Update”. The next search you run will jump to the new map view, and you’ll be all set. For any questions, click the “?” at the upper-right hand part of the map, or contact [email protected]

Turn on New Map UI in MyDI (click to enlarge)

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Kristi Machicek

Kristi Machicek is a Marketing Communications Specialist at Drillinginfo. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from Texas Tech University.