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Drillinginfo’s New Dealmaker Platform: One Source for M&A Actionable Intelligence



In my previous post, I described our ongoing work to build the Oil & Gas industry’s first M&A deal evaluation platform that will incorporate the databases and technologies of the three most trusted sources for information and analysis: Drillinginfo, PLS and 1Derrick. We’re building a “single pane of glass” that will revolutionize how you research and evaluate potential and completed deals, no matter what area of our industry you represent.

Drillinginfo has built its reputation as the industry-leading provider of data and analysis for decision-making in the oil & gas space. Our acquisitions of PLS and 1Derrick enable us to deliver a new depth of insight, specific to the transactions that happen in the industry and delivered to a much broader audience, including C-level executives, M&A professionals and others who want more context around transactions. We’ll be able to deliver the most relevant information related to deals in a matter of minutes on all their preferred devices.


What Once Took Days…

Let’s use a recent real-world example to show how our new platform will put actionable intelligence right at your fingertips at any time, wherever you are.

  • Diamondback Energy announces it will acquire Energen in an all-stock transaction for $9.2 billion:


  • You receive a push notification with the news on your phone via the Drillinginfo mobile app because you have set up a Drillinginfo “Virtual Scout” that constantly monitors for news related to parameters you pre-defined including buyers, sellers and custom areas of focus.


  • You’ll receive notifications whenever buyers and sellers you specify complete a transaction or post a deal for sale offset from your core acreage positions.


  • You open the app and tap on the deal to view the deal terms, the deal report and other related information, analysis and commentary compiled from the unmatched combination of the Drillinginfo, PLS and 1Derrick analysts and platforms. This includes comps and other information about publicly reported IP’s, type curves, etc., complete with links back to source documents.


  • Within seconds, you can map the deal within the app to see acreage position and add layers of active rigs, permits and deals for sale to instantly get more context into the transaction.


A Team Effort

Go back to the Activity Detail screen and tap on the “Alert Team” button to save the deal to a workspace in your Drillinginfo dashboard and send an alert to your team. Your lead analysts jump into research mode by quickly accessing that same workspace in the Drillinginfo web or mobile app, which by now has the acreage position and other relevant context such as offset production and transactions, permits, rigs, leases and type curves.


If you’re familiar with our web app, you’ll notice one very important new addition: M&A Data Sets. This is where you can filter all the transactions you’re following by a number of factors including location, date, deal types and value and acreage.


Let’s say one of your analysts wants to see the impact the Diamondback-Energen deal will have in Reeves (Tex.) county. Setting that parameter returns a detailed map of all transactions in the county which you can color-code deals by values, price per acreage or a wide range of other factors to see how that deal stacks up.



Clicking on the Diamondback-Energen headline brings up the Transactions Card so the analyst can see all the details of the deal including direct links to relevant source documents.



Within an hour after your received that first mobile alert, you and your team have volumes of information at your disposal that would have normally taken days, even weeks, to compile.


We’re on schedule to launch our new dealmaker platform early next year. But we’re not going to wait until the calendar flips to 2019 to start rolling out some of the platform’s innovative features and capabilities.


Next month, we will launch a new product for O&G industry executives, investors, analysts and anyone else who wants to be able to quickly and easily evaluate deals that will demonstrate the power of combining data from the Drillinginfo, PLS and 1Derrick databases.


That’s all I can divulge for now, so stay tuned to this blog and be on the lookout for my next post… You can also stay up-to-date by following us on Twitter and Facebook.


Get ready to get smarter – faster – on what’s happening in O&G M&A.

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Colin Westmoreland

Senior Vice President, General Manager-Market Research