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Drillinginfo Releases New Tools for Annotating Maps


Otherwise hidden data relationships often become apparent when you can better define map display parameters.  Drillinginfo’s new annotation tools afford a wide range of options with respect to customizing the labels, colors and symbols shown on your map.  Also, labels can now be displayed at a user-selected scale.  (ie, “all of West Texas” scale, or just Pecos county, or at 1” = 100’)

Map Annotation UI

Included in the new annotation tools is the ability to apply custom labels to points, select point colors and choose the symbol for a point from a library of symbols.  With this new functionality you can label a well with more than one DI data item , or label it with your own data.  You can color or symbol points to denote different reservoirs or operators.

This new functionality should be available to our members on or around July 4th!

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