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Drillinginfo Releases DNA and Schedules Webinars


Drillinginfo has officially released DNA, a revolutionary knowledge and productivity management platform for the oil and gas exploration and production industry. Drillinginfo Network Architecture, or DNA, is a unique information, document, and knowledge management application that is available free to all Drillinginfo members as part of their regular subscription.

DNA is designed to provide a secure online platform that allows exploration and production companies to capture and catalog prospect, project, and well files. DNA provides full visibility of the work progress of dispersed teams of techs and professionals, in the office or in the field. Companies can take full advantage of DNAs management and collaborative functionality, which can dramatically improve productivity even in the face of continuing shortages of human resources.

“We have brought DNA to our members allowing them to effectively capture and catalog the vast amount of information that is normally aggregated in prospect, project, or well files,” according to Allen Gilmer, CEO of Drillinginfo. “This information normally goes into filing cabinets or is stored in the heads of employees and generally unavailable to the company when it is needed to support other critical decisions.” Now the information can be captured, cataloged, and combined with additional information from Drillinginfo and shared with collaborating teams of professionals, techs, and decision makers.”

The DNA platform allows information to be effectively turned into valuable knowledge assets that can be leveraged to make better decisions and be package to reflect greater value. Companies can now combine their own information and documents with information resources from the Drillinginfo database to generate even more comprehensive knowledge files.

“Perhaps the most significant feature of DNA is the ability to collaborate and share information with others from any location,” says Gilmer. “We believe the principal benefit for company executives and managers is the ability to leverage our technology and database to make people more productive. With everyone working off the same platform and information, better decisions will be made and the results will be consistently positive.”

To introduce DNA, Drillinginfo has scheduled a series of webinars. The first online demonstration and discussion will be Wednesday, March 19 from 10:00AM to 11:00AM CDT. The next three webinars are scheduled for 10:00AM on Wednesday, April 2; Thursday, April 24; and Thursday, May 22. To register for one or more of these free seminars [click here].

To access DNA through your Drillinginfo account, login and select the DNA tab at the top of the page. To get more information about DNA and its use [click here].

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