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Beyond Data: Drillinginfo at Nape South and URTeC 2014


It’s August, and besides getting your kids all set for school, it’s time to get ready for that final push through the end of the year. No matter which part of the industry you’re in, we all have projects to finish, goals to reach, and most likely a few more financial milestones to capture.

Lined up perfectly to help energize us for the final push through, we have two great events to get us limber, relaxed and poised for the road ahead. At Nape South and URTeC we get to talk about strategy and tactics, big rocks and fractured shales, the smartest ideas and the most mundane details. And we slide between all of those gears easily, and we have fun doing it.

NAPE South

This year for NAPE South I decided to attend the business conference, and I sure am glad I did. I learned about current regulatory situations in the US, the overall state of the industry, the future of data and analytical integration, and even the employment outlook for E&P.

In particular I enjoyed the panel discussion with Lee Fuller, Alex Mills, Gifford Briggs and Jeremy Fitzpatrick on regulatory issues facing Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and the US, and Dr. Ray Perryman’s very engaging keynote (he has been called the “most quoted man in Texas”) which revolved around contextualizing the current boom, and highlighting many of the factors – more available cash and less vulnerability to geo-political pressures for example – that protect the current unconventional boom from 1970s and 80s-style busts.

But of course my favorite part of the conference was Allen Gilmer’s presentation.

Integration, Automation, and Quantification Paves a Black Gold Road to the Future.

For nigh on 15 years Drillinginfo has been focused on bringing its users the very best data available, and presenting that data in ways that are useful to all people who look to the oil patch for their way of life. But now we all need, expect and demand more than just the very best data – we need insight and interpretation and analysis and we need it quicker and we need it to help drive results. Allen’s presentation, among other things, highlighted a few of the innovations Drillinginfo has been bringing together to keep you on top of the biggest oilfield opportunities ever.


The industry has always been siloed, and necessarily so; however the speed at which decisions need to be made to stay competitive in this unconditional era no longer allow long deliberations and back and forth questions. No matter your area of expertise, you will be called upon to make judgments about Land matters, Geology, Geophysics, or Engineering.


Our Landtracs system allows you to see expiring leases gridded on a map with local production, activity and geology in context. And a click takes you to the courthouse records – in many cases back to sovereignty.


Our team of Drillinginfo geologists are going play-by-play and extracting high-resolution well correlations – QCd and ready to use in your projects.



Within our Transform software we continue to break the barriers of time and depth, with recent focus on unconformity modeling, automatic fault extraction, and brittleness indexing.



Our recently released DI Rigs mobile app allows you to take live up-to-date information with you into the field. And of course we continue to experiment with better methods of visualization.

Allen then went on to discuss some of the tools and analysis we are automating, and of course as always offered even deeper insights into the industry. If you’d like more information, sign up for our mailing list in the upper right corner and we’ll keep you informed of when we’re bringing our Drillinginfo Roadshow to your town, and you can see these insights in person!

Allen also had interesting interviews last week with the Houston Chronicle and the Houston Business Journal. Check those out.

URTeC 2014

After a quick stop at home after NAPE South, many of us suited up for a trip to the mountains and attended the Unconventional Resources Technology Conference in Denver this week.

In the Drillinginfo booth we had a rich technical program of presentations that fit in very well with URTeC’s multidisciplinary mission. In addition to fantastic programs from Murray Roth (A Multi-Disciplinary Eagle Ford Case Study: Highlighting Productivity Trends, the New “Eastern Eagle Ford,” and the impact of Well Spacing on New and Exiting Wells) and Michael Roth (Lifecycle Optimization of Unconventional Plays: A Bakken Case Study highlighting how field development sequencing can impact overall well productivity) we had several programs showcasing a variety of Drillinginfo’s datasets, tools, and features.

Chris Wesley and Roderick Perez teamed up on A New Look at the Geology of the Niobrara in which they described insights garnered from a very large transect dataset and regional variations within the various benches. They also gave a glimpse of our improved A&D functionality and the value that locally available assets can provide to your decision making.

Chris Davis and Lisa Seunarine pulled together a very compelling presentation on Optimizing Pad Development in an Unconventional Resource Play using Microseismic Processing, Analysis and Real-Time Geosteering with a great set of data from the Montney, and some interesting real-world insights into the possible consequences well spacing and frack volume.

Clint Barefoot and Samantha Siegel presented Game Changing Multi-disciplinary, Analytically Driven Workflows that Leverage the Latest Drillinginfo Data and Transform 4.2. It sounds like a mouthful, but it is a very sleek fusion of some of our premium datasets and our MVStats module within out Transform Software.

Some of these presentations will be posted in the near future, again, if you sign up for our mailing list in the upper right corner, we’ll let you know when they’re available.

Your Turn

What do you think? Did you see anything cool at NAPE South? URTeC? Leave a comment below.

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