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Drillinginfo Issues Passport to International Oil and Gas Business Intelligence


In the middle of the Central Texas night this past Sunday, halfway around the world, Drillinginfo took a bold new step with the launch of DI International, Ltd.  Allen Gilmer, Drillinginfo’s Chairman and CEO and Nick Robinson, CEO and President of DI International jointly announced the formation of the new company at the annual South East Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX) conference in Singapore. DI International’s mission is to provide the international oil and gas industry with the same access and functionality that Drillinginfo provides in the U.S.   The new Venture anticipates that the combination of proven international oil and gas intelligence reporting along with Drillinginfo’s accessible platform will fundamentally change the way the international oil and gas community will access and exchange information.

DI International will provide high level business intelligence from knowledgeable and reliable sources throughout the oil producing regions of the world.  DI International delivers international E&P activity and intelligence through a secure, password protected web site based on Drillinginfo’s information technology platform.

Click Here to learn more about this exciting new venture!

Visit DI International’s Website.

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