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Drillinginfo Employees put Their Money Behind the Alliance


Drillinginfo  employees recently presented Bill Stevens, Executive Vice President of The Texas Alliance for Energy Producers a check for $2000 in support of the Alliance’s efforts in Washington to represent the interests of the oil and gas industry.   The amount represents a contribution of $20 per employee.


“Our employees believe that we are all in the oil and gas industry and are proud to have the opportunity to serve it,” according to Gilmer.  “The U.S. oil and gas industry is strategic to our security as a country and the employees of Drillinginfo understand that.  Supporting the efforts of the Alliance to get that message across at the Federal level is something we are all committed to do.”

The Texas Alliance has members in 300 cities and 25 states who come together for the common purpose of speaking with one unified voice on behalf of the independent oil and gas producers.  According to the Alliance, independent producers drill 96% of all the wells in Texas, while producing 92% of the oil and 88% of the natural gas.

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