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Powering Your Desktop with Powerful Production Tools in 2012


With the New Year upon us, we wanted to let you know about a recent update to Drillinginfo’s Production Data Platform – HPDI. To align the product more closely with the Drillinginfo brand, HPDI is getting a new name and look. Effective today, HPDI is now known as DI Desktop powered by HPDI. The changes are purely cosmetic. If you already have this valuable application, your access to the accurate information that you rely on will remain the same. If you don’t currently have access to DI Desktop, we cannot wait for you to try it out. Need to make a basin-wide search? No problem with DI Desktop!

DI Desktop, powered by HPDI, is the most widely used and trusted production data and analysis resource in the industry allowing rapid and accurate analysis of wells, plays and operators across broad geographic areas in seconds.

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