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Drillinginfo and the Future of Upstream E&P


Upstream oil and gas has a huge, looming demographic problem.  Simply put, the median age for upstream professionals is near 50 years old, with over half the workers in the industry being 40 years old or more.  With worldwide demand inexorably increasing, and too few graduates over the past decade to fill the positions being left by the retiring “old guys”, we are facing a talent squeeze.

To address this, Drillinginfo has started an academic outreach program with selected top tier universities and best-of-breed high school programs (through the IPAA). The goal of this outreach is to provide access to Drillinginfo information and tools to these universities. We hope that by being exposed to all the facets of the business through Drillinginfo, students will be able to climb the upstream learning curve much faster than they otherwise could. As result, it’s our belief that we can accelerate their readiness to fill the large number of slots the” elders” are leaving behind.

If you’d like to learn more or work with us, please contact Drillinginfo Founder Mark Nibbelink at [email protected] or (512) 519-5511.

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