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Directional Wells Are Prevalent In The DJ Basin, Wattenberg


In studying the Niobrara, we came across a tremendous amount of directional wells being drilled in Wattenberg Field, Weld County.  In fact, Noble alone drilled 115 directional wells in 2010  in Wattenberg.  They are also drilling verticals (291 in 2010) and now horizontals.  Below is a map and chart of these directional wells.  First, the map.  This just shows where these wells are located.  Most are Wattenberg, some are step-outs.


Next, a type curve for both sets of wells.  This was generated very easily with HPDI production tools.

The interesting thing is the near 30% increase in the directional curve over the vertical curve in both IP and 1-year cum.  DI-ESP has a Niobrara study that goes into much more detail in directional activity and engineering techniques.  It is available only to clients, however I wanted this blog to give an idea of the amount of directional wells being drilled out there.

There are other Niobrara operators that have said they will drill predominately directional.  Synergy is one of those companies.  Here is a link to the presentation from the website and one of the slides.

We are keeping a close eye on all directional activity in the DJ Basin as well as throughout the Niobrara.  Shoot me an email or comment if you have any opinion or questions on directional wells vs. verticals or horizontals.;

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