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DEP Meeting with Operators after Cabot Incident


Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection Secretary John Hanger announced this week that he has called a meeting with Marcellus Shale operators.  The meeting is to discuss ways to prevent dangerous gas migration situations, how to safeguard resident’s homes and how to protect water supplies.

“Drilling for natural gas beneath our soil can be done responsibly without putting the citizens of Pennsylvania, their property or livelihood at risk,” says Hanger. “I am urging the industry to come and discuss how to effectively and safely prevent gas migration, protect our natural resources, and ensure that what happened to the residents of Dimock Township, Susquehanna County, does not happen elsewhere.”

The announcement for the meeting comes a week after the DEP took “Aggressive Action” against Cabot Oil and Gas for allegedly contaminating groundwater and drinking water supply for 14 home.  Cabot was ordered to plug 3 wells within 40 days, install permanent treatment systems in the affected homes within 30 days and pay $240,000 in fines.  The DEP’s actions are a result of Cabot’s failure to abide by a November 2009 consent order and agreement with the DEP which directed the operator to fix defective cement and well casings to prevent natural gas discharge in to groundwater.

For more information visit the Marcellus Regulatory Folder in the DI Unconventional Updates.

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