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De-Risk Enduring Assets With Drillinginfo


Statoil and Talisman have recently spent $1.325 Billion to acquire 97,000 net acres from the private company Enduring Resources, in the form of a 50/50 JV.  Reports indicate they paid about the going rate for all these assets.  The assets are spread across a large swath of the trend from the SW dry gas area in Webb County, to the liquids-rich Sugarkane area where some of the best wells are being drilled by companies such as Conoco and Pioneer.  I put together a presentation using Drillinginfo to “De-Risk” some of the assets near Hawkville field.

No economics were run, and NGLs were not taken into account since they are not reported to the state in the manner liquids and gas are.  The EURs and b-factors were calculated using the Drillinginfo Beta Production Chart Tool, currently available for use to all Drillinginfo members.  To do this type of work yourself, create a project in DNA, create an area of interest, then save some custom searches and you’re good to go.

I made this in a powerpoint presentation so I’ll just post the slides here.


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