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Compare Operators’ Drilling Costs and Productivity in Mere Minutes


Analysts analyze data. That’s why they’re called “analysts” not “researchers.” When they want to compare different Oil & Gas industry operators, they can become bogged down searching through the enormous volumes of publicly available data. Our docFinder tool makes it quick and easy to search millions of records to compare operator drilling costs and productivity so analysts can spend their time actually analyzing data, not looking for it. 

PLS docFinder is part of the Drillinginfo Market Research portfolio, and you have to see it in action to believe how easy it is to use. We produced a short video showing how we use docFinder to compare operator drilling costs and productivity in the Wolfcamp, and then export key productivity metrics in fewer than three minutes:

Doesn’t sound possible, right? After all, look at number I’ve circled in red on the screen grab below: the docFinder portal provides access to more than two million slides covering the O&G industry over the last 15 years.

In the video you will see we can break that number down by entering “Wolfcamp” into the search bar, selecting “D&C Costs” under the Prospects & Geology category, and setting a date range of the last six months.

Just like that, you have a much more manageable 51 slides to review. Click on the “View Slides” button at the top to start analyzing D&C costs by operator.

You can also look at initial production rates for a specific operator like EOG Resources Inc., for example.  I set a date range of the last two years and was able to view 71 individual slides. If I want to see the entire presentation one slide was drawn from, I simply click on the “Full Document” button at the top left.

That’s it — it will probably take you more time to read this blog post than it will to use docFinder for your next project. Follow this link to watch the video and request a one-on-one demo.

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