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Commodity Data Solutions: A Single Source of Truth for Energy Traders


Commodity Data Solutions: A Single Source of Truth for Energy Traders

The most valuable currency for energy traders isn’t money, it’s the combination of information and time. Knowledge is power, and fast, easy access to real-time data and a forward view of market trends are critical to making informed (and profitable) investment decisions. To date, that “easy access” capability has been difficult to find for commodity trading companies. There are many different sources of information and trying to find what’s relevant takes time. As the saying goes, “time is money.” That’s why we have built our Commodity Data Solutions (CDS) platform — a single source of truth that will enable traders and risk managers to analyze information and make decisions faster than ever.

While other companies are scaling back their databases and information resources, Drillinginfo is investing in making ours more comprehensive and accessible. The Drillinginfo Commodity Data Solutions represent the combination of the industry’s most-trusted data sources: MarketView, DataGenic Enterprise Data Manager, and PRT eForecasts.

Drillinginfo is the only company that can deliver this information to the entire organization from front to back office, and we’re always working to develop new capabilities and performance enhancements for all three products.


Grading on a Curve

One example is the integration of MarketView with the DataGenic CurveBuilder technology. This enables MarketView Desktop™ users to construct customized real-time forward curves comprised of a series of sequential prices for future delivery of a commodity or future settlement of an index.

A curve is not speculative like a price forecast based on the past. It represents the present — it delivers actual prices and constantly changes to reflect up-to-date market activity. The combined solution provides unparalleled market visibility to capitalize on opportunities, to enable profitable trades that otherwise would have been missed, and improves the accuracy of portfolio valuation and monitoring.

Let’s say you use forward curves based off the prior day’s settlement prices. They will not include information on spreads for later deliveries and may suggest market liquidity that does not exist. MarketView delivers complete price transparency into intraday trading opportunities, allowing you to mark positions on a more timely basis to understand your Profit & Loss (P&L) and Value at Risk (VaR).

I’m also pleased to announce we have just released the newest version of MarketView which introduces a number of new features and capabilities, including Continuation Charts that allows display of a daily plot that is continued with a forward curve at a specified date.


We have also created the new Linked Forward Curves feature to enable the linking of forward curves to a plot for the root symbol at a specified date.


Additionally, you can better utilize multi-monitor setups with the new Additional Workspace Windows feature.


Make Money, Reduce Risk

The Drillinginfo Commodity Data Solutions connect our internal database analysis with public data to deliver real-time, integrated analyses with enterprise data management. Users gain an unparalleled understanding of the future North American supply of oil, gas, and NGLs, enabling them to make more informed trading decisions faster while also reducing their organizations’ exposure to risk.

To learn more, visit the Commodity Data Solutions section of our web site:

We’ll be rolling out new features and capabilities in the near future, and I will post regular updates to this blog. You can also interact with me and my team directly by following us on Twitter and Facebook.