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Clayton Williams Sheds Some Light on the NE Eagle Ford Potential, Depth Issues


Clayton Williams shed some light on one big problem for the NE Eagle Ford wells.  They lack the depth and therefore pressure.  I looked at the permit of the Clayton Williams Broeshe Unit well and the Total Depth was 7800’.  Their second well had a total depth of 7,020’.  They used 9 stages on the first well and it was deemed uneconomic.  Their second well was fraced with 13 stages and the results are inconclusive.  These wells are cheap, the Broeshe was $2.6MM but the results just have not been there.  The first well IP’ed at 250 BOPD, the second at 492 BOPD.  They talk of steep declines as well,  with the first well currently producing about 40 BOPD since March.

Petrohawk has addressed this issue and stated that they will be putting their Red Hawk (Zavala County)  oil window wells on artificial lift.  With the shallow depths, lack of pressure and lack of a gas-drive mechanism these extra steps will have to be taken.   It is still very early in the evaluation of the NE portion of the play, but companies such as Clayton Williams and Apache have been assessing potential.

Here is a map of Eagle Ford wells colored by total depth.  This data is unfiltered, but there is a clear trend of shallow to deep from the oil to gas windows.

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Justin Birmingham

Justin Birmingham is a Research Analyst at Drillinginfo. He creates proprietary research studies, works with statistical models and manages datasets for the DI Analytics team. Justin earned his Bachelor of Science from Texas State University – San Marcos.