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Chesapeake sells Barnett production still in the ground for $1.15 billion


Chesapeake announced early last week that they have sold a 5-year volumetric production payment (VPP) to an affiliate of Barclays Bank for $1.15 billion.  In other words, they seem to be monetizing future production in an effort to build capital, possibly to invest in more liquid-rich plays.  Included in the VPP, Barclays will get approximately 390 Bcf of proved reserves and roughly 280 Mcf/d of net production in 2011.

This type of transaction is not new to Chesapeake.  Since the end of 2007 they have sold roughly 1.0 Tcf in VPPs which amounts to around $4.7 billion and puts the price per Mcf at roughly $4.70.  To add some more color, I averaged the wellhead price of natural gas since December 2007, when Chesapeake participated in their first of 8 VPPs, and it came out to be $5.56 per Mcf (I pulled the data from the US Energy Information Administration website).

Also, here is a historical production graph from HPDI that shows Chesapeake production from the Barnett Shale.

To learn more, visit the Barnett Shale Folder in the Unconventional Updates in DI’s DNA.

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