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Checking In–4Q–Texas


Every once in a while it’s a good thing to go on the prowl to try to see things from a 50,000′ perspective. This map shows the top 20 wells in Texas which have a first production date of 9/1/2011 or later. There aren’t too many surprises, with the Eagleford delivering the majority of the dinero at cumulative amounts between 30,000-50,000 over 1-2 months. The Barnett shows off in Cooke county, and the Granite Wash makes an appearance in Roberts and wheeler counties ( to quote Casablanca—“… the usual suspects). but remember that these cumulative totals do not include November or December production, so stay tuned…..To see detail on a well, hover your cursor over the dot. Try the Free Trial to create your own maps and to click down for more details, such as play information, related filings, production data, and evaluation tools.

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