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Chalk Talk: 5 Ways to Have a Successful NAPE Expo


The NFL has the Super Bowl, Hollywood has the Golden Globes, and the upstream Oil & Gas industry has NAPE. It’s crazy to think it’s already less than a week away, but it’s time again to get your A-team warmed up and suited up for the world’s largest Exploration & Production expo. This is the 20th year Houston has welcomed the best of the best to network, publicize, and pitch billions of dollars in producing properties and packages. So eat your Wheaties (or Kashi GoLean, for those of you still keeping New Year’s resolutions) and start strategizing your plan for the big show.

We’ve gathered 5 fail proof ways to ensure a win at Winter NAPE 2013.

  1. Assemble Your Players: Remember, this is the big leagues. NAPE allows your company to acquire information about where deals are being made, and what key play areas are developing. Determine who will foster relationships with your current and prospective customers, and have the power to make decisions on the floor.
  2. Be the Ball, Danny: Brainstorm with your team to create a list of tangible goals. We know that you’ll go home with more koozies and golf balls than you’ll ever need, but will you also take away key contacts, leads and solid opportunities? Make time to see what the big players have lined up for the year. Listen to them pitch their packages and see how your company could employ similar methods.
  3. Pinpoint Your Targets: Review the exhibitor floor list and highlight who you want to see and where they’re located in the building. While manning your booth or walking the floor, keep your eyes peeled for the key individuals you need to meet to make your trip worthwhile. Decide who you want to meet, and how you can ensure they go home with your company on their mind. Use your free time to grab a meal or a drink with a potential client. Face time = time well spent.
  4. Execute Efficiently: With over 18,000 people attending, it’s best to divide and conquer. There are a multitude of breakout sessions, speakers, and overviews. Decide what’s important to you and write out a plan. Don’t waste time at booths that have nothing to offer you. Take the free pen and move on.
  5. Study the Game Film: Because you’re no rookie, you came to NAPE armed with business cards and scratch paper. Don’t leave those notes shoved in your briefcase with what used to be a banana. Instead, plan a recap meeting within a week to discuss the outcome of your trip with your team. This gives you time to collectively strategize plans for sending follow up, reviewing packages you purchased, and pursuing deals you want to chase.

By developing a clear vision of success and a specific plan of execution, you can make this your best NAPE yet. As Dan Marino said, “There is no defense against a perfect pass.” Speaking of which, don’t pass up Drillinginfo’s booth. We’ll be in #2509 and we’d love to be your partners in success, both at the show and in the patch!

What about you? How do you make the best of the trade shows you attend? Please leave a comment below.

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Sarah Coe

Sarah Coe is an Account Retention Manager at Drillinginfo. She partners with our clients to help them integrate Drillinginfo products and services into their daily workflows. Before joining the company, she worked with oil and gas software in the Health, Safety and Environmental sector. Sarah received her Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Oklahoma State University.