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CEO Corner


You know, Drillinginfo was originally founded to democratize the digital oil and gas information industry, providing everyone with access to the data and tools to effectively compete in our industry. Imagine, the small independent or consultant with the same relative access to the knowledge as a major oil company. Today, folks take that power for granted, and Drillinginfo is a major reason why.Throughout our history we have remained sensitive to our core mission. In today’s challenging environment we are holding the line on your subscription fees while plowing ahead with the enrichment and expansion of our products and features. In other words, you are getting more than ever before at the same price.

Throughout this newsletter you will find real examples of this. By expanding our coverage to the Bakken, increasing our LandTrac coverage, adding Pending Permits and Annotations, and releasing our mid-term update on the Barnett Shale, Drillinginfo is stepping up to provide you an even more valuable and effective decision support platform. And we are not letting up.

In the weeks and months to come you will see even more examples of how Drillinginfo is far and away the best investment you can make during this transitional time in our industry. Contrary to popular belief, fortunes in the oilpatch are always built during the busts. They are only realized in the booms. What you do or don’t do today will be the basis of your success or failure tomorrow. No matter where you fall in the spectrum of independent oil and gas companies and professions you will find Drillinginfo a trusted ally.

All of us at DI are committed to you and our industry.

Allen Gilmer

CEO and Founder

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