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Carbon County Niobrara – Entek, New Frontier, Whiting, Double Eagle


Current Niobrara activity is centered in the DJ Basin and the Powder River Basin to the North.  However, there is other Niobrara present throughout the Rockies that is being tested.  One area that is gaining some momentum is the area near Carbon County in WY.

Entek Energy has spent energy this year testing their acreage and provided some color via some press releases lately.  They describe 44 degree oil coming in at 25 BOPD.  From what I gather, Entek had initially planned to test several shallower zones in these wells, but due to the success, they will forgoe that testing to focus on further Niobrara sidetracks and evaluation.

25 BOPD does not seem like much, however I look back to the initial Niobrara, Samson Oil and Gas, London Flats well.  It was drilled in Goshen County back in 2006 and produced around 12 BOPD.  Fast forward to this year, Samson sold this land to Chesapeake for about $70MM, at I believe over $3,000/acre.

A few other companies in the area are Whiting and Double Eagle.  Whiting is set to spud 2 wells at the beginning of this month to test their Niobrara.  This area, and the Entek area, is annotated on the map below.  As is mentioned on the graphic, the Niobrara is shallow up in Carbon at about 3,500′.  This is good for well costs, but we are waiting to see about production.

Double Eagle owns 70,000 net acres in the Niobrara play.  I am not sure of the distribution of these acres, but I know they have a keen interest in the results of all the wells discussed earlier.

Just for fun, I will also post the 2010 Carbon County permits below.  Big players like Anadarko, Devon, and BP have been active this year out west.  We’ll see what Niobrara activity occurs in the coming months.

We will continue to research more on other  Niobrara activity outside of the DJ and PRB, more posts shortly.  If you guys have any ideas on potential areas to focus, let me know.

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