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Building Curves in Excel is Risky


Many organizations within the global commodity trade rely on Excel for building and maintaining forward curves. While Excel is great for many things like data manipulation, it lacks the version control, data integration, and the straight-through processing capabilities required for efficient curve building. 

Much of the sophisticated logic required for effective curve building, such as calendar and term logic, bootstrapping of overlapping data points, and leveraging various types of interpolations for data gaps, requires home grown non-standardized logic which typically requires the aid of a specialist. Spreadsheets quickly become complex and difficult for other consumers or managers within the organization to understand or support – not to mention the inefficiencies associated with a spreadsheet distribution model.

A curve automation tool, such as  MarketView’s MarketView CurveBuilder, can simplify the curve building experience and provide all decision makers with the ability to easily develop, test and automate the generation of simple or complex curves.

Main Benefits of Using a Curve Automation Tool Over Excel

  •  Built-in term/calendar support

  •  Built-in bootstrapping and interpolations

  •  Curve schedule manager and dashboard

  •  Complete revisions history of each curve

  •  Over 350 data sources available out of the box (including proprietary data)

  •  Define custom roll rules

  •  Curve visualization/consumption in other products such as desktop platform, spreadsheets, or downstream systems

  • C/ETRM automation

Move away from Excel and try a free trial of MarketView CurveBuilder for a transparent, easy-to-use, and auditable application that can vastly improve your forward curve building experience.

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Jaenneke Wolf

Jaenneke Wolf is the Director of Marketing at MarketView by Drillinginfo. The largest commodity companies in the world trust MarketView to manage thousands of data sets, both public and proprietary, in support of critical business, risk management, and trading decisions on an enterprise-wide basis.