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Be the First to Know with Pending Permits on Drillinginfo


Being a Drillinginfo member means getting the news before everyone else in the business.  Now Drillinginfo has reset the bar for being the “first to know” with a Pending Permits feature for Texas subscribers.  This new feature presents permits that have been applied for, but not yet approved by the RRC.  If you’re among the throngs of DI members who want advance notice of new activity, you’re going to find Pending Permits to be a real value-add.

Submitted permits that are awaiting RRC approval are identified by a dummy API number in the Drillinginfo database.  When the permit is approved the Pending Permit and dummy API number are replaced by the approved Permit and the actual API number.  Pending Permits are selectable in the Search Wizard under Approval Status and can be included in map view as well as table view format.

When selecting Approved and Pending permits in your search criteria, you can color by both in map view by using the histogram feature.  Pending Permits are included in AOI reporting criteria as well.

Unlike Pre-Permits, Pending Permits have location data and are available when the permit application is submitted.  Refer to the screen shot of the Search Wizard below for the criteria location.


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