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Bakken Gas to Chicago with help from Alliance Pipeline


In February, Alliance Pipeline announced the completion of a new interconnect facility that routes natural gas and NGLs from the Bakken to a Chicago NGL processing plant and then to market.  The facility connects Pecan Pipeline’s 12”, 76-mile Prairie Rose Pipeline to Alliance’s existing pipeline that runs from British Columbia to Chicago.  Typically, moving oil production is the main focus for midstream operators in the Bakken but with a significant amount of natural gas also being produced, a pipeline system can help facilitate bringing that gas to market.  By year-end 2010 deliveries for the pipeline are expected to reach 40 MMcfd and the estimated capacity of the pipeline is over 100 MMcfd.

Bakken/Three Forks production in the US was roughly 138 MMcfd as of November 2009.

The Prairie Rose Pipeline comes into the play from the northwest from McHenry Co., through Ward Co. and into Mountrail Co. to the Stanley Gas Plant.

The Stanley Gas Plant is well positioned in the west portion of the play which is where a large group of high producing associated gas is located.

Information about Alliance Pipeline, Pecan Pipeline and other Bakken midstream operators can be found in the DNA Bakken Play Pipeline in the Midstream Operators folder.

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