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“Are You Ready to Raise Your O&G Deal IQ?”


We live in an age where information is available in real-time at our fingertips, from breaking news to changing stock prices and sports scores. The same should be true for O&G company executives, investors, analysts and other industry players following pending or completed deals. Yet too often conducting the most basic research requires spending days searching multiple sources and reading SEC filings, financials, market analyses and other data. Drillinginfo is changing that.

Information is power. “First mover” access to information — beating competitors to the data – can be the difference in succeeding or missing out in today’s hyper competitive environment. I thought of that while reading a recent article by Mergers & Acquisitions Editor-in-Chief Mary Kathleen Flynn on how private equity firms are just beginning to use big data to evaluate potential investment targets. I saw a lot of similarities to our industry. The data you need to evaluate deals is available, but collecting it typically requires you (or your research interns) to spend days, even weeks, searching through multiple sources.

We’re going to eliminate that virtual legwork by doing it for you. With our acquisitions of PLS and 1Derrick we are creating the industry’s first M&A deal evaluation platform. We’re integrating the people, technologies and databases of two industry leaders to create a game-changing solution for more quickly identifying and value transaction opportunities.

Our dealmaker platform will collect data from all those disparate sources and funnel it right to your fingertips – literally. Just a couple clicks of your mouse or taps on your smartphone or tablet, and you’ll have all the data you need to make better informed decisions.

As this infographic illustrates, our new M&A dealmaker platform delivers that power to banks, E&P firms, buy side firms and CLO managers, Oilfield Services and Midstream companies and mineral rights/buyers family offices.

I will be sure to post regular updates on our progress developing this incredibly powerful tool to this blog, and you can also stay up-to-date by following my updates to this blog, and us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

When we launch the Drillinginfo M&A dealmaker platform, you’ll spend less time reading and more time making deals happen.

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Colin Westmoreland

Senior Vice President, General Manager-Market Research