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5 Ways Drillinginfo Makes International Drilling a Less Risky Business


Drilling or investing abroad is a big undertaking. No matter how successful you are at home, working internationally is still filled with risk and uncertainty. Each country has a different data room system, awards bids differently, and operates a different fiscal regime.

We know that finding and acquiring the best blocks can be a challenging process. That’s why we’ve come up with ways to take some of that risk out of your international business and help you make smarter, faster decisions.

Go Beyond the Data Room

The data room is often the first stop for companies researching a potential investment. But this data is often raw and provides only a small picture of the opportunity. Fully understanding a region means researching the history of the region’s contracts, bid rounds, exploration drilling and fiscal regimes. Where can you go to find complete, unbiased information? Independent Scout reports provide up-to-date and impartial research and multiple map layers create a story of the region’s historical contract and drilling history. Start your exploration process confidently.

Stay Ahead of the Curve


With the best Scout reports, you can be confident that you are working with a complete and current dataset. But what if your competitors are working with equally good research? You need another advantage to ensure you make better decisions than your competitors and beat them to the best blocks. Here is where the up-to-daily alerts from DI Scout come in. With detailed reports of breaking news across a region, DI Scout keeps you informed first of any activity that might affect your investment or exploration decisions.

Exclusive Opportunities

It is fairly easy to find where current opportunities are available. Did you know there is also a tool to “see into the future” and predict where blocks may be offered for bids down the road? With this information, you can perform due diligence on opportunities your competitors haven’t even heard about and potentially enter into exclusive negotiating terms with the seller. Either way, you buy yourself the extra time you need to be thorough in your research before making a decision.

Who Else is Playing in the Region?

international drilling

In some situations, you may need to avoid working directly with a specific company. When so many major companies operate internationally under local subsidiaries or shell corporations, it can be difficult to know who your neighbors actually are. DI Asset Tracker rolls all regional players up to their parent corporation so you instantly know exactly who is involved in the region. Avoid surprises on your next farm-in opportunity.

Create your own Virtual Data Room

We listed off several pieces of information you need to be aware of to make smart international decisions. Just keeping track of all of these disparate datasets might seem like an additional challenge, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can find all of it and more in a single platform by using DI International. Think of DI International as your own personal virtual data room.

Nothing will make international drilling and investing a completely risk-free endeavor. But with the right tools in place, you can easily navigate international opportunities and stay ahead of your competitors.

Your Turn

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