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5 Minute Breakdown of San Augustine County Using Drillinginfo


The Drillinginfo suite of tools includes Drillinginfo, HPDI Production Tools, DI-ESP Unconventional Research Platform, Earth Model (which includes isopach maps of unconventional plays, structure maps, log interpretation, sequence stratigraphy, etc) and DI-International (DII).  All these tools are delivered in user-friendly platforms designed for quick and easy analysis as well as for in-depth studies of particular areas.

This blog is an example of a 5 minute, quick snapshot of a particular county.   I chose San Augustine because it is part of what has developed into a second Haynesville core (the SW Extension) and we recently released DI Landtrac data for this county.

Here are the maps.  First, a map of 2010 operator activity.  I also used the export data functionality to put the data into an Excel pivot table.  Second, a map of San Augustine 2010 wells colored by cumulative production and bubbled by Max monthly gas prod.  The larger cums are to the SE as well as the larger monthly gas prods.


Finally, I turned on the new Drillinginfo Landtracs.  We use Drillinginfo Landtracs internally to understand what companies have exposure to what areas, sweet spots in unconventionals etc.

Clients of DI-ESP have access to our aggregation of gross lease positions based on Landtracs and DI leases.  It is a great time saver and utilizes our expertise of the Drillinginfo products and unconventional reservoirs.

The hardest part of this blog was using wordpress to compile it.  The maps, data export and Landtrac took under 5 minutes…

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