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3 Reasons Your E&P Enterprise Needs to Go Pro


2012 has been an exceptionally exciting year for us here at Drillinginfo. In March, Insight Venture Partners made a $165 million investment in the company. Then, we had a blast raising everyone’s Unconventional IQ at NAPE last month. But nothing can match our excitement as we announce Drillinginfo’s newest product!

Introducing DI Pro

At Drillinginfo, we pride ourselves on releasing products that shake up the market, but DI Pro is nothing short of game-changing. It is by far our most comprehensive and groundbreaking package yet. It incorporates new layers of information and tools to support all technical professionals and business decision makers. As a result, DI Pro subscribers will experience increased productivity and efficiency throughout all departments of their company. As our fearless leader Allen Gilmer said, “DI Pro is the next big step in providing quick, valuable and immediately actionable insight into the global oil patch.”


Here are 3 Reasons to Go Pro!

  1. DI Analytics: The DI Analytics team has developed tools that are sure to revolutionize the way asset managers and business development professionals make decisions. First, DI Research Reports contain overviews and analyses of various unconventional plays, including the Bakken, Barnett, Eagle Ford, Haynesville and Niobrara. Each detailed report provides regional productivity and activity trends, operational and technical comparisons, geological context, economic trends and business considerations. Second, there is DI Interactive Data Access, delivered via Tibco Spotfire Web Player. This database offers access to DI Analytics’ refined database of leasing, permitting, and drilling and production activity. Each dataset is filtered to provide high resolution insights and to optimize the decision making process. DI Analytics also provides direct source data access to the visualizations and enhanced datasets used to generate the reports. Another beneficial aspect of DI Pro is Acreage Grading. This output of a complete statistical model was developed exclusively by Drillinginfo to predict the likelihood and amount of production from unconventional reservoirs. This model has three outputs: Liquid Production, Gas Production, and Economic Recovery. Acreage Grading is calculated by comparing dozens of geological parameters derived by Drillinginfo’s geologists, stratigraphers , and petrophysicists, to actual production output by play to identify particular rock property and geological drivers and production of a play by play basis.
  2. DI Geology: Want access to the best subsurface modeling tools in the industry? Look no further. DI Geology’ Digital Well Log Library offers over 40,000 workstation-ready, quality controlled geographically and geologically indexed logs. DI Geology Models offer correlations for over 30,000 logs generated with our patented sequence stratigraphy process. This process illustrates producing intervals, formation tops, bottoms and facies. Lastly, Play Projects provide unprecedented access to prepackaged subsurface models of relevant unconventional plays. Available through DI Cloud (formerly DNA), current plays include the Eagle Ford, Niobrara and Wolfberry.
  3. DI Land: In July 2012, Drilling Info, Inc. acquired Grand Prairie, TX based County Scans. As a result, Drillinginfo can now offer online title information dating back to sovereignty. This means landmen can determine mineral ownership, Division Order Analysts can calculate mineral ownership percentages and Oil & Gas Attorneys can write title opinions without ever leaving their desks! DI Pro users can also leverage DI County Scans to view and print property records, search Grantee/Grantor records for property ownership, liens, probates, and Abstracts of Judgment, and convert paper files into manageable and indexed electronic files that are accessible from any computer. By combining DI County Scans, LeaseTracs and UnitTracs under one DI Land umbrella, Drillinginfo has accelerated leasing, prospect and business development to a rate previously unseen in the industry.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about DI Pro! We truly believe this is the best product on the market today. It is a single resource that transcends all areas of technology and business.

Now it’s your turn. What do you think? Are you a technical professional, asset team, business development manager, or business critical decision maker? How do you see DI Pro affecting your daily workflow? And, how do you see DI Pro changing the way we do business as an industry? Please, share your thoughts in the comments box below!


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Kristi Machicek

Kristi Machicek is a Marketing Communications Specialist at Drillinginfo. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from Texas Tech University.