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3 American Oil Companies that Give Back in BIG Ways


When we think of American oil companies, we often only see dollar signs.

Spurred on by prevailing false perceptions, many think these companies are raking it in at the cost of the communities and environments where they operate. But, that’s simply not the case.

The reality is that while American oil companies make billions of dollars each year, they reinvest the vast majority of that money. And, given the staggering capital expenditures required to find and extract hydrocarbons, their margins are actually surprisingly thin.

But, despite that fact, they are also overwhelmingly generous. You could write volumes about the ways these companies give back to their communities, but here are 3 that have stepped up in a big way.

American Oil Companies – Serving more than the Bottom Line

#1 Cabot Oil and Gas

Cabot Oil and Gas recently donated a $25,000 check to the local volunteer fire departments of Montrose, Pennsylvania. The company has pledged to donate to three different fire departments each year. The money has helped update radio equipment, fix damaged fire trucks and even purchase Jaws of Life to assist with fire rescues. The departments rely on the goodwill of donors and volunteers to keep their services available. We commend those volunteers for their heroism.

Cabot is also lending a hand in the production-heavy region of Susquehanna County. One of the county staples is the “Books on Wheels” van. It delivers books to six county school districts, day cares, personal care homes, senior centers and the correctional facility. When their 1999 Chevy Astro van couldn’t meet inspection, Cabot stepped forward to underwrite the cost of a new van. “Cabot is committed to safe operations, environmental stewardship, and investing in the communities where we operate and where our employees reside. We are proud to support a community resource like the Susquehanna Historical Society and Free Library Association,” said George Stark, Director of External Affairs for Cabot.

#2 ExxonMobil

Investing in future generations is a great way to give back. ExxonMobil has given over $125 million to the National Math and Science Initiative to help students excel in the classroom. The goal of the organization is to help prepare teachers and students for the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This commitment to our children will help foster the next generation of the oil and gas industry, which currently employs over 9.2 million Americans.

Exxon is also committed to America’s teachers. In partnership with the Phil Mickelson family, the company empowers and enables teachers through the Mickelson ExxonMobil Teachers Academy. Each year they invite 600 third through fifth grade teachers from schools across the U.S. to participate in the 5 day program. The goal is to equip them with the tools they need to get kids excited and inspired to learn about math and science. Our nation’s teachers are paving the way for a brighter future for generations to come, and Exxon is in the trenches helping each step along the way.

#3 Chevron

Chevron helps support economic growth by partnering with a California based organization called Kiva is the world’s first person-to-person micro-lending website that allows individuals to make loans to struggling entrepreneurs. “Chevron’s support through the California Partnership will help continue to spur growth in small businesses, which represent more than 87 percent of all businesses in the U.S,” said Premal Shah, president of Kiva. This organization makes uncommon heroes out of individuals who are willing to lend a small amount of cash.

Chevron is also helping California’s slow moving folk, the Desert Tortoise. Chevron’s Environmental Management Company built the Ivanpah Desert Tortoise Research Facility in the Mojave Desert and donated it to the National Parks Service. The facility acts as a home base for conservation biologists dedicated to preparing young tortoises to survive in the hot Mojave Desert.

Holding our Own

Drillinginfo Habitat TripIn the same way Cabot, ExxonMobil and Chevron step up in their communities, Drillinginfo recently did the same in Dallas. On an early Friday morning, the team from the Southwest Region got together with our Vice President of Sales, Colin Westmoreland, to help rehab a home with Habitat for Humanity. We spent the day filling cracks, replacing old siding and painting a house that was in need of some TLC. Though most of us had no experience with exterior home repair (most of us meaning the ladies), we pulled together and were able to make a big impact in a short period of time. At the end of the day, it was easy to see that we benefited just as much as the homeowner.

Drillinginfo also recently took part in Amplify Austin, a campaign aimed to raise money for several non-profit organizations in Austin, Texas where our company is headquartered. Employees contributed their own money and donated in the name of a company. Over 99% of our Austin team members contributed. As a result, we raised $34,020 for local charities!

A Tradition like No Other

American oil companies have played a critical philanthropic role since the days of Standard Oil. Today’s companies are continuing that great tradition. They are not only helping the economy, but they are laying the foundation for our country’s success for generations to come.

Your Turn

What about you? How does your company give back to the community? We would love to hear your story. Please leave a comment below.

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Sarah Coe

Sarah Coe is an Account Retention Manager at Drillinginfo. She partners with our clients to help them integrate Drillinginfo products and services into their daily workflows. Before joining the company, she worked with oil and gas software in the Health, Safety and Environmental sector. Sarah received her Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Oklahoma State University.